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Kuroten Music

South African born DJ and producer, Kuroten, has become a household name in his new found home of Bangkok. Constantly evolving, he consistently challenges himself and his followers through his love of music and pushing boundaries. Having been a part of the underground scene in Bangkok for the better part of 7 years, he has carved out a unique musical image for himself. Crisp, powerful, hypnotic, groovy, classy and energetic are words that immediately spring to mind when describing his style. With a particular penchant for creating chaos on the dancefloor, his sets are known for their pure and unbridled frenzying effect. When he’s not furiously producing, you can find him lighting up dancefloors at beloved clubs like Mustache, Safe Room and Glow to name just a few. He has done the same at dancefloors in Kuala Lumpur and Vietnam alike. Outside of a club setting, he regularly appears on outdoor events and festival lineups such as Kolour, Waterzonic, 808 and Wonderfruit. With releases on labels such as Neverest (TH), Ambious (ZAF), Soul De Anima (MY), Never Is Eternal (ES) and Motek Music (UK); a residency with the team at Grow Room (Part of LNB), and his sights firmly set on his goals, he has defined a crystal clear path for himself for the future.