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Charlie Kwenta

Charlie Kwenta is from Lausanne Switzerland, he is currently living in Bangkok. After he started mixing in 2000 he Quickly got his first gigs in the south of France where he was residing at the time. He later came back to Switzerland where he teamed up with DJ/producer Bob Foxx and Crooked Spine Records, the brainchild of Foxx was born. CS records was soon putting on their own parties which has earned him a solid fan base in the local scene as well as a reputation for mixes that are long and creative . You will know when he is on the decks because of his unique style, and his interactions with the crowd. Charlie started out playing straight techno, being influenced by artists such as Carl Cox, Sven Vath and Jeff Mills. He has since branched out to include Minimal techno, electro and deep house to his arsenal which he likes to blend into his mixes. “I love electronic music and it’s different variations; but I find that individual styles such as minimal/tech/house/electro can be boring on their own. This is why I like to use a bit of this and that in order to give a direction to my set.” Since he began playing out in France Charlie has been seen mixing in various countries and and venues…Colorado, New York , London, Ibiza, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Added May 2021